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Gran Chililique: ultra-premium cacao, winner of the 2013 Peruvian Gold Cacao Award. This cacao grows on the hills around Chililique, and benefits from very favorable climate conditions.  The cacao growers are smallholders that live and cultivate cacao around this community, located in the District of Chulucanas, Piura, North of Peru.

Fifty percent of the members of this small cooperative are women that with hard work and dedication produce one of the most flavourful cacao beans of Peru. Cacaotales is working directly with these producers promoting these wonderful cacao beans and supporting gender equality.


Origin: Chulucanas, Piura, North Coast Peru


Varietal: White Native

Harvest season: main harvest: December-May

Cut test: See picture below

Fermentation: 79%

White Cacao: 30%

Defects (insect damage, germination, mold) 1%

Drying Method: sun dried on wooden beds

Bean count: 90 beans/100 gr

Sorted: at origin by hand to ensure less than 2% waste

Awards: Peruvian Gold Cacao 2013

Certifications: USDA Organic, EU Organic, Fair Trade Flocert and Small Producers


Time: 6 to 7 days- covered with banana leaves

Method: wooden boxes covered with banana leaves

Presentation: Jute Bags- net weight 62.5 Kg

Storage: Piura/Peru and Riga/Amsterdam

Flavour Profile: Middle to high level of sweet tropical fruit acidity, hints of fresh fruit like pineapple. Low notes of roasted macadamias with a base of chocolate flavour.






Cacaotales connect smallholder cacao farmers to the world’s best chocolatiers

We proudly offer this exquisite ultra-premium beans


Roasting: we have done many tests to look for optimal roasting. To help you to express the potential of these beans we will assist you sharing with you these optimal roasting profiles